The actions of the army and police have their own specifics, which are expressed in the type of equipment.

The actions of the army and police have their own specifics, which are expressed in the type of equipment.

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Combat bibs: general characteristics. Abstract

Combat bibs are a simplified version of the unloading vest. They are less material-intensive, lighter, simplified and cheaper

Combat bibs first appeared in China. In the world, they earned the nickname Chi Com (Chinese Communist – Chinese Communist). In the original version, “Tea Com” was an elongated rectangular piece of tarpaulin with sewn on it three results for the shops of assault rifle Type-56 – a Chinese modification of the Kalashnikov. Two or four grenade pockets were also placed on both sides of the bullet cartridges. It seemed that such a primitive system did not meet the needs of a soldier.

The disadvantages of this system were, such as unsatisfactory resistance of the material to external adverse conditions, limited ammunition, the inconvenience of narrow belts. But at the same time he had very serious advantages. Due to the location of the results on the chest, the bib turned into an improvised bulletproof vest because the steel shops with two rows of ammunition inside served as a good protection against bullets and shrapnel. The simplicity of the system allowed to integrate the bib with any backpacks and backpacks. The location of the bib protected the ammunition while overcoming water obstacles. In addition, the cheapness of production played a role.

Chinese combat bib “Tea Com” (Chinese Communist – Chinese Communist).

As a result, Chinese breastplates have spread widely around the world, earning worldwide recognition from many military formations around the world. The simple and inconspicuous “Tea-Com” was in demand among the Viet Cong guerrillas, Afghan Mujahideen, black African insurgents, and Latin American guerrillas. Komi tea also appealed to the eternal opponents of the guerrillas: the American “Green Berets”, Soviet special forces, South African “Celus Scouts” and many others.

At present, combat bibs, while remaining simple and reliable, have been significantly modified. First of all, modern bibs have increased the number of pockets for ammunition. The experience of conflict required as much ammunition as possible. There are more capacious pockets for grenades, signaling devices and pockets for additional items of equipment. If necessary, you can attach additional pockets to the bib for a variety of equipment.

Let’s turn to some modern models of combat bib.

Combat bib “Eger” (Russia). A modern version of the classic Chinese chest bag “chi-kom” (abbreviated Chinese communist), made of modern materials and components.

The bag is designed to carry ammunition for small arms (six AKM stores or nine AK-74), four hand grenades, jet signal cartridges, smoke, topographic map, communications and first aid. If it is necessary to increase the carrying ammunition, a belt with a set of additional bags and covers (VOG-25, 25P, hand grenades, shopping bags) is attached to the bag with the help of four oar straps. The bag is worn on X-shaped, 40 mm wide, nylon straps with metal adjustment, which allows you to quickly and easily adjust the equipment on yourself.

General view of the combat bib “Eger” (Russia). From left to right: front view, side view, rear view.

Straps are completed with soft linings, 10 mm thick on which knots of fastening of a pocket for an individual bandage package and a first-aid kit, and also radio stations settle down. Special steel quick-release locks connecting the straps to the bag, in combination with a wide belt, equipped with a climbing lock “Fastex” made of high-strength polymer, provides almost instant reset of the bag. On the basis there are: four pockets for hand grenades (F-1, RGD-5, RGO, RGN), two pockets for six jet signal cartridges or two large smoke bombs, three (plastic-lined) pockets for shops, with removable , on “velcro, velcro, plastic partitions.

All pockets with dust valves, which protect against dust, dirt, moisture and prevent the contents of the pockets from falling out if the valve is not fastened. Hand grenades are safely carried with inserted fuses. On the inside of the bag is a special pocket with a flap, which carries a waterproof liner for topographic map, connected to the bag by a seat belt. Valves of all pockets are fastened on the button and “velcro” velcro. To remove moisture that has entered the pocket, while overcoming the water barrier, the bottom of the pockets is equipped with eyelets. To crawl, the bag is tightened with straps, as high as possible on the chest. For the convenience of carrying backpacks, the soft pads of the shoulder straps are removed. The ability to place the bag high on the chest, provides compatibility with backpacks such as climbing, equipped with powerful, developed belts.

The bag is made of polyester fabric of linen weaving, density 420 g / m2, with a water-repellent covering, the increased wear resistance. All “tails” on the valves, strap straps, oar straps made of dense polyester tape, which absorb moisture poorly, can withstand, depending on the width, a load of up to eight hundred kilograms.

Accessories steel, with an anticorrosive covering.

Combat bib “Pioneer” M23 (Company “Alloy” – Russia) is designed specifically for mobile units and is designed for use in the field. Adjustable in size from 46 to 68 for any height. Combine with a climbing suspension system.

Combat bib “Pioneer M23” allows you to transfer a double set of ammunition: eight magazines to the Kalashnikov assault rifle or 4 to the Kalashnikov machine gun RPK. Ammunition pockets occupy the central part of the bib and have long velcro flaps. The pockets for ammunition have no corners, which according to the designers should increase the mechanical strength of the vest and ensure rapid outflow of water. Grenades are placed in six separate pockets, three on each side.

Two pockets can hold two grenades and the other one. Also on the side are three results for hand grenades RGO or RGN. Grenade results under RGO and RGN are equipped with internal pockets for ignition, and also the carbine on a lace which fastens to checks for a combat platoon of a grenade with one hand. On the right side there are two pockets, one of which is located above the results for shops around the belt. On the right side – only one pocket. On the left shoulder strap is a pocket for an individual dressing package (IPP). On the left side on the left side of the leftmost pocket for the store is a mount for a bayonet-knife. In the center is a separate pocket. it can be used to store documents, but it can also accommodate a separate armor element.

The combat bib is made of high-strength synthetic materials.

General view of the Pioneer M23 combat bib: 1 – 8 AK stores or 4 RPK stores; 2 – 10 grenades VOG -25; 3 – 3 grenades RGO or RGN; 4 – individual dressing package (IPP); 5 – bayonet-knife; 6 – a pocket for documents or an additional armor element.

The bib is equipped with special loops for an additional belt on which it is possible to place additional equipment: gas mask, flask, sapper blade, etc.

According to the specifics of operations they are divided into:

army; police.

The actions of the army and police have their own specifics, which are expressed in the type of equipment. The parameters of operational reliability are the same for both army and police unloading systems. But for example, if military systems focus on the amount of ammunition, police formations prefer the ability to carry a variety of ammunition for different weapons and a large number of specialized equipment (handcuffs, communications equipment, gas canisters) and ammunition (tear gas grenades , ammunition). non-lethal action) for police operations.

For example, the police unloading vest is “Tarzan” M24. Its layout is similar to the army version of the “Tarzan” M22 – the two panels are connected by a belt system. But unlike the army modification, the police has its own characteristics. The vest “Tarzan” M24 ​​has the following pockets: universal results in which it is possible to place 32 rounds to the rifle of 12 caliber, 2 shops to the Kalashnikov submachine gun or 8 shops to the submachine gun “Cedar” or ” Wedge “; pocket for a large flashlight; the result for the radio station; fastening for a fighting knife; the result for two shops for a Makarov pistol and a pocket for an individual bandage.

Unloading vests “Tarzan”: On the left – the army variant M22: 1 – pockets for shops of the Kalashnikov machine gun; 2- results up to four RGO / RGN grenades; 3- fastening to a bayonet knife; 4- three flares or a flashlight; 5- pocket for PPI; 6- two luggage results; 7- two pockets for documents.

On the right – a police version of the M24: 1 pocket for 32 rounds of 12 or 16 caliber ammunition, or 2 magazines for a Kalashnikov assault rifle, or 8 magazines for a Cedar or Klin submachine gun; 2- pocket for a gas canister “Cheryomukha”; 3- pocket for the radio station; 4- lantern; 5- knife; 6- pocket for three shops for the Makarov pistol; 7- PPI pocket; 8- loop under handcuffs; 9 – two luggage results; 10 – two pockets for documents.

Omega police vests (USA, BlackHawk Industries): Left: a modification with three universal results and a docked pistol holster; In the center: modification with two pockets for M16 assault rifle magazines, a pistol holster and three pockets for pistol magazines; Right: modification with results write an lab report online for ammunition for a shotgun.